Taekwondo Advancement Foundation

The Taekwondo Advancement Foundation is a non-profit that was formed to help Taekwondo programs at home and abroad develop and reach their full potential.  From a bid to build an Olympic Taekwondo Training Center, to United States Collegiate and High School Taekwondo leagues, to serving as an umbrella non-profit for booster clubs and Taekwondo schools, TAF is here to help.

United States Collegiate Taekwondo

United States Collegiate Taekwondo was formed to help push Taekwondo to NCAA status.  The strategy is to start as a NCAA Emerging Sport for Women, then to full championship status.

United States High School Taekwondo

United States High School Taekwondo was formed to help push Taekwondo into High Schools across the country and start helping our athletes earn varsity letters in Taekwondo.  The strategy also helps advance the USCT agenda of gaining NCAA status.